High Holding-Ability Hybrid

The practical response by ISI Sementi to the field requirements while maintaining the quality standards.

The production sustainability is linked to multiplefactors: yield, genetic resistance, tolerance to abiotic stress, water and nutritional needs are the key aspects of production and genetic research. But the sustainability passes through another key element, the waste reduction, starting from those in the fields.
The changing climatic conditions on the one hand and the increasing quality demands by the industry on the
other, are often the cause of the increase of harvest waste when not complying with the parameters of the
ever-increasing quality required by high value-added products. To preserve the consistency, color and qualitynutritional
aspects for the mid-long period, even after the full ripening of the fruits (holding-ability), becomes
today a primary necessity to define certain parts of the product chain.

ISI Sementi decided to bring an innovative solution which allows tomato fruits to wait for the harvest in
the fields and their subsequent processing, reducing significantly the waste rate of rotten fruits during the
harvest or the return in reduced processing consistency.
Varieties marked with the H3 symbol, High Holding ability Hybrid, are characterized by high resistance
to overripening. The H3 feature, obtained by genetic selection and the use of specific markers, allows farmers
to expand the harvest window and to wait the best moment without fearing for rotten fruits in the fields or
reductions in fruit quality and it allows the processing industries to plan more effectively their activities.

Varieties H3

SAILOR F1 - Processing tomato-  blocky shaped
FABER F1 Processing tomato-  blocky shaped
FOSTER F1 - Processing tomato-  blocky shaped