A concrete support to Baby leaf cultivation

The result of innovative technologies in order to raise seeds quality.
The answer for germination and production yield.


ISIJET  gives to the seeds an immediate germination boost: 

• Extremely high and uniform seedling emergence;

• Drastic reduction of DORMANCY effect when soil temperatures rise over 22°C;

• Even at 30°C seeds maintain germination of over 80%


Yield increases mainly due to better plant density and lower failures caused by seed dormancy

Improved cutting uniformity: the simultaneous emergence of all the seeds guarantees a correct competition among plants, eliminating uneven germination and making leaves height and size uniform.

Early maturity effect: the fast and simultaneous emergence leads to shorter cycles, especially during autumn and winter sowings.

Increase of SHELF LIFE: the uniform development of the production leads to an increase in dry matter, tolerance to mechanical manipulation and shelf life.


Cost savings

Less seeds used for sowing: up to 25-30% less in summer, up to 10-15% less during the rest of the year;
Healthiness of production: the emergence phase duration is reduced by 50% with a consequent reduction of exposure to attacks by hostile fungi;
Water savings: water supply, often used to regulate the temperature in the seed bed, can be reduced;
Re-growth elimination in the next cycles;
Organic treatment: no chemicals are used, so ISIJET  is also allowed in Organic standards.