GSPP Certification Achievement


We are really proud of this important achievement” says Angelo Boni president of ISI Sementi. "Being the first Italian company and among a small group of companies in the world to obtain this prestigious certification is a remarkable step for us in the path we have taken to continuously improve the quality of products and customer satisfaction".

GSPP, acronym for Good Seed and Plant Practices, is the hygiene and risk prevention system from Clavibacter michiganensis spp. michiganensis applied in the production of tomato seeds. The standard is based on the most advanced knowledge and on the application of very strict protocols throughout the production, processing and selling process. Processes periodically are verified by independent audits.

ISI Sementi has not only achieved this important result, but has obtained certification for two production sites by placing the entire production process, including the priming and pelletizing phases, under the rigorous quality protocol. “To obtain compliance with the GSPP standard in the year in which ISI Sementi celebrates its 40th anniversary is a source of great pride for all of us”, says Paolo Boni, Chairman of the Company's Board of Directors. “This is an important result” Paolo Boni continues, “which opens up new market opportunities and is the result of a constant commitment that confirms how much ISI Sementi believes in continuous improvement to provide its customers with increasingly high-quality solutions”.

"We want to thank all the collaborators who have worked with determination and professionalism to achieve this important result even more in such a difficult period as it was"