Mitsui to acquire ISI Sementi S.p.A


On 9th November, 2021, Mitsui & Co ("Mitsui", Head Office: Tokyo, President and CEO: Kenichi Hori)  reached an agreement to acquire 100% shares of ISI Sementi S.p.A (ISI).

Founded in 1981, ISI is a reputed vegetable seeds company engaged in research, production, and sales of vegetable seeds. Headquartered in Fidenza, Italy, ISI has long-standing, favorable relationships in over 60 key agricultural countries and a strong footprint in the Mediterranean market where Mitsui considers to be strategic in the backdrop of its vibrant and integral role in global agriculture e.g. research and development, talent, greater food eco-system. Through this acquisition Mitsui intends to continue to build on ISI’s business foundation, namely, to further grow the company by continuing to invest in its research and development programs and recruiting more talent. Additionally, Mitsui aims to bring varieties developed by its other group companies, including Japan Vegetable Seeds, a joint venture with 4 Japanese research based vegetable seed companies, to complement ISI’s product portfolio and furthermore, will be supporting ISI’s growth in international markets by leveraging Mitsui’s global presence and sales channels.

For Mitsui, Nutrition and Agriculture is a business domain with strategic priority, in the backdrop of global needs for more nutritious food and the increasing pressure for new solutions for farmers considering climate change and increasing population. Mitsui regards vegetable seeds as one of the potential solutions to these challenges, which has long term potential to grow with more investment in research and development and through collaborations across industry and value-chain; areas which Mitsui intends to support.