Research & Development

ISI Sementi has modern laboratories to guarantee really high quality standards.
There is a quality control laboratory, a molecular biology laboratory, a phytopatology  laboratory and a department who takes care about seed technology

Quality control laboratory

The Quality control laboratory with more than 9.000 tests every year, verifies the germination and the vigour of all seeds lots following ISTA rules.
For each received lot we plan phisical purity checks and grow out checks in order to have confirmation of the phenotype.

Every single lot is strictly tested in order to have a total traceability.

Molecular Biology Laboratory

ISI Sementi has a Molecular Biology laboratory with modern tools and always careful to all news. 
With 280.000 tests every year, the lab. offers the guarantee of a good quality job. Our technicians work together with Quality Control Lab, with Phytopatology Lab ans also with the Breeding to safeguard a concrete support to the quality of our seeds and the development of new varieties.

These are the activities of the Molecular Biology laboratory: 

- assistance to breeding (MAS, marker assisted selection)
- assistance to seeds purity checks
- phytosanitary check of seeds lots

Phytopathology laboratory

The phytopathology laboratory manages phytosanitary checks on seeds in order to evaluate healthyness, using certified european rules: thanks to the strict collaboration with the Molecular Biology lab., we are able to detect in a very precise way the presence of possible pathogens , also if quantities are minimal. Furthermore the phytopathology lab. offers a very important help to breeders for the development of resistant varieties. 

Seed Technology dept.

Seed technology dept. develops procedures to increase phisical and genetical features of seed and in general its quality. Activities of this dept. are from disinfection to production, from germination to storability; a very important aspect is the manifacturing of seeds with the aim to satisfy our customers.