Company Profile

Research & Italian Passion

We put Italian passion and taste in everything we do, because we believe in the values of tradition, and we innovate in a sustainable way, to offer unique products to the market.

Made in Italy

Isi Sementi s.p.a. boasts a long experience in the research, production and commercialization of professional vegetable seeds.
As an Italian company, Isi Sementi has always devoted a special attention to recovery, protection and innovation of local varieties and ecotypes. The aim is to offer products characterized by typicality and taste, but also complying with the requirements which make them suitable for consumers and markets that are more and more modern, dynamic and interested in production, taste and sustainability.


Isi Sementi offers a wide and diversified variety range thanks to its research work, that takes advantage of innovative molecular biology technologies: breeding is supported by marker assisted breeding that can guarantee high standards of product uniformity.
Not least significant is the partnership developed along the years with important companies that are worldwide known leaders for several species. This partnership allows ISI to widen its varietal range.
Before market introduction, all products are subject to a strict testing process in all the cultivation areas, which guarantees the highest reliability in different growing conditions.


The focus on quality is an essential element of each department and a cornerstone of the company mission.
All the phases of production, selection, processing and packaging are subject to accurate controls.
Seed production takes place according to protocols that guarantee healthcare, quality, traceability and trackability.
Each single seed lot undergoes both laboratory and field tests to assure each part of the production chain’s high levels of quality and reliability.

Market knowledge

ISI Sementi holds strong ties with its territory of origin and turns Made in Italy into one of the main strengths of its offer. Strengthened by the experience gained in the domestic market, the Company aims for growth in the international markets.
Studying production and market dynamics and verification of the products accurately before release guarantees to each market suitable offer to the many and diverse situation of production.